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May 11, 2018

Perrin has been awoken, and warned of an attack by the wolves through is dreams. He can see in the dark, hear, and smell the Shadowspawn wherever they are. Perrin is Dangerous to them. “Hamstring and throat, that was how wolves killed”, and so Young Bull does to the Myrddraal that attacks him. Although, the Neverbron are always long in dying. Lots of awesome fight scenes in this chapter. Perrin, a pack of wolves, Lan, Moiraine, and even Loial – a small army. “There was no honor in the way the wolves fought, no glory, no mercy. They did not come for battle, but to kill.” When the battle is over, and the wolves are hunting the Shadowspawn as they retreat, Rand leaves the camp unnoticed. He knows what he has to do, and believes he should do it alone. He is of course, wrong.

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