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Nov 16, 2017

Eye of the World: Chapter 49

Rand wakes from the night in the ruins of the Towers of Malkier. Nynaeve and Lan are sad they can't hook up. Egwene consoles Nynaeve. 

Moiraine takes down the ward. Is she picking it apart? Or is it just untying a weave. Egwene and Nynaeve sense it. 

The party heads into the Blight, and it erupts into activity. 

Perrin goes full wolf brother, and hacks his way through the blight. Lan is the ranger of the group, taking out beasts in the wilderness. Moiraine is tossing off fireballs. 

Worms of the blight show up and scare off everything else. The party runs right into the Eye of the World.

Thanks to Jon for doing the editing again! 

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