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Feb 13, 2018

The Great Hunt: Chapter 22

We wonder why the heading for this chapter is the dagger, but come to no real conclusions. Moiraine and Lan make a stop at the home of two retired Aes Sedai. They have a large library and Moiraine needs information on how to proceed. Not just from Adeleas' and Vandene's books, but from their minds. We talk about Moiraine's conversation with Vandene in detail. Her questions are very revealing. Lan and Moiraine have the infamous conversation about his bond being passed. We talk about Moiraine's thinking on the issue, Nynaeve's involvement, and how Nynaeve is changing the man Lan is already. A Draghkar swoops down on Moiraine while she's walking alone. We've got no way to prove it, but fans of the series agree, Liandrin sent it. We thank a bunch of new Patrons in the after-show and chat about our supporters posting about their thank you gifts. We loved seeing that. Thanks for listening and thank you for all your support, guys.