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Mar 2, 2018

The innkeeper arrives at Rands door with more invitations.  This time from the two most powerful houses in Cairhien.  Hurin explains that these invitations can not be ignored.  Rand has to accept at least one, or assassins will start coming after him.  There is no way out of the city without being attacked by Fain.  The longer they stay, the deeper Rand becomes tangled in Daes Daes'mar.  When Rand leaves the inn to see if Ingtar and the Shienarans have arrived to bail him out, he returns to find that it's now a structure fire.  Hurin was attacked, and the chest stolen.  Loial and Rand manage to drag his unconscious form out of the building, saving him from being burned alive.  Verin, Mat, Perrin, and the Shienarans arrive just a few minutes too late.  We talk about how Rand has fallen into the leadership role Moiraine placed him in.  Barthanes's manner was built in the last few years right on top of an Ogier Grove.  It has it's own Waygate and that's where Fain is headed with the Horn and the Dagger, with the Black Wind to guard his retreat.  While Ingtar despairs over the Horn, Rand tells Verin about the portal stone, and Selene.  Does Verin know that Selene is Lanfear?  She has all the clues, and has often understood more with less information. She DOES manage to come up with the strategy though, that will eventually get the Horn back.  We believe the Pattern won't let Ingtar get to the Horn, ever.  Was Barthanes at the infamous Darkfriend social? Was Verin?  Could Rand have channeled using only the Choedan Kal with out the access key, is that possible?
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