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Mar 15, 2018

When Juin ushers the humans in, there are Seven Ogier Elders who greet Rand, Verin, Ingtar, and the others. We talk about how old these Ogier are and what they look like. There are some wonderful descriptions, especially of Alar, the Eldest. The Eldest of Stedding Tsofu understands the great need our party has to use their Waygate, but the Ogier do not believe in acting with out consideration. Finding the Horn of Valere is a great need indeed, as is saving Mat's life, but Alar takes the time to explain to Verin, Rand, and Ingtar what could happen to them should the encounter the Black Wind. She then has a middle aged Ogier brought out, who was the last Ogier to travel the ways over a hundred years ago. He returned to Stedding Tsofu without a soul or a mind, but with his body intact. Verin hisses audibly when she delves the Ogier. Alar also brings up Loial to Rand. She can sense that Rand is Ta'veren and questions whether Loial has been pulled into Rand's Web of the Pattern. “You will look after him” Alar instructs Rand “And, when the weaving is done, you will return him to Stedding Shangtai”. Rand agrees, and in return Alar agrees to bring the Humans to her Waygate. Erith gives Loial a flower, which we think we can confirm, he carries for the rest of the series, or at least until he is married.

When the Party arrives at Tsofu's Waygate.  Machin Shin is already waiting there for Rand. After coming into contact with Padan Fain, Machin Shin is also now compelled to hunt Rand Al'Thor, and it will be for the rest of the series. Without access to the Ways, Rand's party quickly comes to the conclusion that another Portal Stone must be used. Luckily there is one nearby. Life is interesting with Ta'veren for friends.

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