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Nov 30, 2017

Eye of the World: Chapter 53

Nov 28, 2017

Eye of the World: Chapter 52

Rand suffers from the final after effects of channeling sickness, he stumbles back to the group. 

Rand accuses Moiraine as using him as a False Dragon. 

We find a broken Seal of the Dark One's prison, the Horn of Valere, and the Banner of the Dragon. We talk about all three. 

Aftershow: Seth...

Nov 27, 2017

Eye of the World: Chapter 51

Channeling and Need. Aginor burn himself out. Does channeling they Eye help Rand hold more power? 

How does Rand end up in Tarwins Gap? He takes out the a large Shadowspawn army with the Power. 

It was not Rand’s thought, making his skull vibrate.

Nov 21, 2017

Eye of the World: Chapter 50

We meet the Green man, an ancient Nym. Moiraine takes them into the cavern to see the eye, and then they head right back up!

We talk about the purpose of the eye, and tangent into the cleansing of the source. 

Aginor and Balthamel show up. Aginor falls into the traps from the Evil Overlord...

Nov 16, 2017

Eye of the World: Chapter 49

Rand wakes from the night in the ruins of the Towers of Malkier. Nynaeve and Lan are sad they can't hook up. Egwene consoles Nynaeve. 

Moiraine takes down the ward. Is she picking it apart? Or is it just untying a weave. Egwene and Nynaeve sense it. 

The party heads into the Blight, and it...