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Jul 22, 2017

Eye of the World: Chapter 20

We start by thanking our Patrons. You guys are great! Seth gets into some corrections for past episodes pointed out by our fans. 

We talk about the eyes in the dark, and the party is separated from the Aes Sedai by Mashadar. 

An encounter with a group of Tollocs scatter the rest of the group, which has long ranging consequences. We are horrified by a Fade being tortured and killed by Mashadar as Rand escapes, and talk about scream. 

We get our first POV switch to Perrin, and he unites with Egwene. 

Back with Rand, Thom, and Mat, they manage to find a ship. We speculate about why our favorite River ship captain who is being followed by Tollocs. Then Rand Channels for the second time to save his life. Is Gelb a darkfriend?

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