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May 3, 2018

When does Rand start losing his mind? The madness creeps slowly. Rand and Perrin both fight against their destiny. Min predicts the Death of the Tinker woman, Leya. Perrin correctly predicts an attack on the camp, though he continues to ignore messages from the wolves, which are probably a warning.

Rand and Moiraine argue over whether to wait or to go help the people fighting and dying in the name of the Dragon on Almoth Plain. Perrin follows Rand to a fissure in the mountain wall. Rand recites a portion of the Prophecies, and notes that he hasn't been marked with the Dragons yet. Rand knows he must face Ba'alzamon again. And as he speaks, he feels Saidin calling to him. He can't resist the urge to channel, and with a sad smile, causes in earthquake accidentally – a signal fire for those who are hunting them. Rand asks Perrin about his dreams, not knowing that Perrin is protected in a way Rand is not. Perrin goes back to the camp, and Rand stays behind.

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