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May 9, 2018

Perrin arrives in a dream, not knowing how he got there. This is a Dreamshard. Ishamael asks about his ax, and when he'll give it up. This relates to the Dark prophecy about 'The Blacksmith'. Lanfear and Ishamael try to get Perrin to drink from a cup. What's in it and why? Perrin misinterprets just about everything happening around him here, because Lanfear and Ishmael are using their skill in the World of Dreams to affect Perrin's memory of who the forsaken are, and where he is. They visit with him one at a time and attempt to influence some important decisions he has to make, each in their own way. Hopper moves Perrin to another place in TAR, an argument between some of the Forsaken, it's about what to do with Callandor, and Rand, then to another place, the Stone of Tear. When the wolves finally get through to Perrin, they have a simple message. “The twisted ones come.”