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May 25, 2018

Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne are summoned from their rooms to the the Amyrlin Seat. They have no hint as to what to expect. They're surprised to say the least, when Siuan informs them they'll be raised to Accepted after being punished and humiliated publicly. Furthermore, Siuan plans on using them as 'hounds' to hunt the Black Ajah – the women who had recently killed Aes Sedai and many members of the Tower during their heist of important Ter'angreal, and subsequent flight from Tar Valon. There are some really great harshly worded monologues from Siuan in this chapter. Morgase has been to the Tower and left Elaida there on returning to Caemlyn, enraged by Elayne's kidnapping. Morgase demands Elayne's immediate return to Andor. Although, Siuan intends to keep Elaybe in the Tower despite Morgase's wishes. We debate about how much influence Rahvin may have over her, and Andor at this point. Saturday morning cartoons, and dog toys in the after-show.