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Aug 4, 2018

Wheel of Time Spoilers Episode 136 – TDR – Ch37 Fires in Cairhien

Egwene stares east, watching the smoke rise from the fires in Cairhien. There is a civil war in full force, and no one is strong enough to take control of the nation. Andor has been providing humanitarian aid, but that will stop soon on orders from Rahvin, who is now in control of Andor, and Queen Morgase's mind. Their ship races down the river at the direction of a captain who is keen on impressing the three 'Aes Sedai'. Of course, in short order the river draft slams into a sunken ship, a trap left by brigands. Nynaeve is too impatient to wait for the ships crew to free it from the obstruction, and so the three women decide to walk to the nearest town in hopes of finding another ship that will bring them to Illian. As the reach the shore, a Maiden of the Spear greets them.

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