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Nov 26, 2018

For this episode we have a very special guest, Daniel Greene, a WoT fan, and book reviewer whose work we really enjoyed Click here to visit his Youtube page. Seriously.  Do it and tell him we sent you. 

We'll spend a little time talking with Daniel about the Kingkiller Chronicles, Daniel's other projects,  how we found eachother, and ended up working as book reviewers and book-club runners.

As we break in to Chapter 9, we find our characters suffering a particularly hot summer day in Tear. Chapter 9 has no solid perspective switches, it simply sets us up to understand where our characters are, and what they're doing, because SOMETHING is about to happen. This is the calm before the storm. We'll talk about Rand's relationships with his three future wives, the interesting cultural divides between many of our current characters, why Aviendha hates chairs, the upcoming JordanCon, our very own SpoilerCon 2019, the difficulties in getting our WoT pronunciations correct, Rand's style of governance and moral disgust with Tairen leadership, and a ton more.

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