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Jul 15, 2017

Eye of the World: Chapter 18

Our Party flees from Bearlon, pursued by fists of Trollocs and multiple Fades. There is one good fight, and Lan beheads a Myrddraal. Moiraine uses her staff to fight, and we discuss how channeling can depend on physical movements. We talk about the bond between the Fades and the Trollocs.

Shortly thereafter they run into three more Fades, and fists of Trollocs. Moiraine uses the last of her strength to delay and misdirect the Shadowspawn. What is the deal with Myrddraal horses?

Why does Matt talk in the old tounge? The old blood runs strong in the two rivers. 

With no other choice, Moiraine sends the party to Aridhol, an abandoned city in the middle of nowhere. 

Sorry for some Mic noise on this episode. 

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