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Jul 19, 2019

The Tairen High Lady Alteima, effectively exiled from her home by the political machinations of Thom Merrilin and Rand Al'thor, has arrived in Caemlyn hoping to find sanctuary in the Royal palace of Caemlyn, and protection from Queen Morgase. She is escorted through the palace grounds to meet with Queen Morgase by young Lieutenant Tallanvor, escorted right into the snake pit that Morgase has been trapped in. Of course, how could Lady Alteima have known that Rahvin, in disguise as Lord Gaebril, would take such a liking to her. “You're a viscous little cat, though pretty, perhaps pretty enough to keep with your teeth and claws drawn,” Rahvin says of her. Andor remains deep in the clutches of a Forsaken, though his control will be challenged soon.