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Sep 11, 2017

Eye of the World: Chapter 33 & 34

In this two chapter episode Rand suffers some channeling sickness, and gets confused about the events. We lay out the mixed up sequence of events in order. 

Rand watches Gode get destroyed in a dream. They boys take rides on wagons, until they run into Paitr, the second Darkfriend on the trip. Rand punch Paitr in the face, and the boys head to the next town. Once they get there Rand starts suffering. As he recovers in the barn, Mili Skane, the third darkfriend wanders in. 

Mat stops Mili, and nearly kills her. They lock her in the barn, and once again they run. After seeing a Fade talking with Raimun Holdwin, they approach Almen Bunt who takes them the rest of the way to Camelyn. 

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