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Oct 25, 2017

Eye of the World: Chapter 43 & 44

We get into the ways, and how they were made. 

Fain is forced to follow them in. 

Moiraine and the reds disagree about the benefits of sheltering men who can channel

We discuss Moiraine's first visit to the Green Man

Then we enter a Dreamshard, where Ishamael is trying to identify each boy with a figure. 

We take a break in the middle to talk to our Wotreons, and then we start on the next chapter. 

Perrin doesn't seem to have the dream with the other two boys. 

How do Ogier sense the Waygates? 

The party enters the basement to find the Waygate. I talk about Sugar Moma's Bar in Philly. 

Moiraine opens the Waygate and the party enters. 

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