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Jan 25, 2018

The Great Hunt: Chapter 12

We welcome back Kelsey Maxwell to the podcast and start off with a clip of Robert Jordan pronouncing some character names. Listen to the whole clip on Dragonmount

What is the nature of Ta'veren. Does it rub off?

Lan and Nynaeve have another conversation. We speculate on the subject of the converstion, and go deep into their relationship with each other and Moiraine. 

Follow up on why Suian is in such a hurry to get to back to Tar Valon. 

Verin gives us an info dump on Wilders. How does that relate to Rand an Nynaeve? The girls are tutored by a series of Black Ajah Aes Sedai on the way to the Tower. We talk about Male and Female channelers training each other, birth control weaves and herbs. 

We tangent into the Accepted Test, and the World of Dreams. 

Moiriane, Verin, and Liandrin take off, and we think about where and why they go. Egwene has dreams of Rand, and sees Lanfear take him to the Portal World. 

Aftershow: Women in fantasy literature, and sleep schedules. 

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