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Feb 7, 2018

The Great Hunt: Chapter 19

While Rand waits for Ingtar to arrive, he catches “Selene” going through his bags. We speculate about why, but the crazy ex-girlfriend theory was most popular among our discord community. Lanfear wants Rand as her companion, to rule the world together, forever, and ever, and ever... Hurin spots Fain his followers. “Selene” likely compels Rand to take Loial and scout the camp. “Remember the glory, Lord Rand”. Everything she wants, she gets. The void hides Rand from Fains tracking ability, and in a daring maneuver Loial and Rand escape with the treasures pursued by trollocs and darkfriends in the night. Rand has a strange death wish moment, we think this has to due with the dagger's dark effect on his mind. Is the chest a stasis box. Will it protect the party from the dagger?

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