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Feb 21, 2018

The Great Hunt: Chapter 25 & 26

Two chapters in this one, folks. We talk about about the history of Cairhien, including the refugees of the Aiel war who live in the fore-gate community, and why Galldrian feels he has to placate that community using food, festivals, and fireworks. Rand starts receiving the infamous letters. It seems he's tangled in Daes Da'mar, but we know The Game is just tangling itself in Rand's web. While wandering around the Foregate, he runs into the king of the Great Game, Thom Merrilin. Thom quotes some of the Karaethon cycle to Rand in private, we believe he knows his quotes are relevant to Rand's life, although we're not sure exactly how much he understands. Thom also try's to break away from the Dragon here, but of course it doesn't work, it's already too late. He's also part Rand's Ta'veren web.

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