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Feb 25, 2018

The Great Hunt: Chapter 28

As Perrin guides the Shienaran lances south toward Cairhien, the wolves tell him there are people in the mountains to the east.  The Wise Ones have sent warriors across the Spine of the World in search of their Car'a'carn. Ingtar is desperate to find the Horn, either to hand it over to the Dark in an attempt to save Shienar from oblivion, or to the light in order redeem himself. Perrin learns of the one the wolves call “Shadow Killer” who has been killing Trollocs in the countryside. Little does he know, that's their name for Rand. An Aielman emerges from the rocky terrain, and presents himself to the party. "My name is Urien, of the Two Spires sept of the Reyn Aiel.  I am a Red Shield.  Remember me."  Other than Rand, he is the first of the Aiel we meet in the series. Verin and Ingtar question him, and we learn a little about Rhuidean, Aiel Wise-women, He Who Comes with the Dawn, and of course, Dancing the Spears. In the after-show, we talk the Aiel Waste, how their clothing is well designed for sun exposure, and Patrick's Wheel of Time tattoos, and his experiences backpacking, and living outdoors in the SW United States.  Even gingers can tan.

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