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Mar 8, 2018

Hurin tells us a bit about the gossip in the servant's quarters. We talk about Rand’s creeping insanity, how that affects him more and more as time goes on, and we speculate on when it begins. Hurin leads Rand and Loial to the stone enclosure that hides the Waygate. When Rand opens the gate to see if Hurin’s Talent works in the ways, Machin Shin is there waiting for them, whispering Rand’s name. We talk more about how the interaction between Padan Fain and the Black Wind changed both. The Black Wind trys to escape the ways to attack Rand, but he manages to hold it back with Saidin while Loial closes the Gate. The party leaves Barthanes’ Manor, shortly before he’s assassinated. Who did it, and why? We chat about the X files and older sci-fi in the after show.

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