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Mar 12, 2018

The party that fled Cairhien Arrives at Stedding Tsofu. Ingtar continues to show signs of distress, likely an effect of Ishameal's compulsion during the Darkfriend Social. Loial is also reluctant to head toward the Stedding. He might be discovered and shipped back to his mother in Stedding Shangtai. We meet Erith, Loial's future wife for the first time. She mentions the Aiel and the Traveling people avoiding eachother. We also see the deep mistrust between the Shienarans and the Aiel until an older Ogier intervenes, and stops what could have ended up being a bloody fight. There are a lot of beautiful descriptions of what inhabited Stedding look like, and of Ogier culture. While Loial attracts the attention of the Lady Ogier, Rand attracts the attention of the Far Dareis Mai. Although, the Aiel women are disgusted by Rand when they realize he carries a sword. The Elders of Stedding Tsofu agree to meet with the Humans, and speak with them about using their Waygate.

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