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May 2, 2018

Perrin, Rand, and their small party have been waiting all winter, holed up in the Mountains of Mist, waiting for the pattern to spin their threads in the right direction. Moiraine has been receiving news from outside the camp from her eyes and ears, using Perrin as a kind of go-between. Through out the chapter Perrin is ignoring messages from the wolves, refusing to listen to what is probably a warning of the Shadowspawn that are hunting the Dragon's small party. The DO's eyes are watching. Perrin has a conversation about The Way of the Leaf with the Tuatha'an woman. We talk about the cyclical nature of violence in #thewheeloftime series, and discuss how #RobertJordan uses this theme all through WOT. In the after-show we have an interview with our friend Jeff Petrie at JordanCon. We talk a lot about the art of Ben Kelly of @redoceantattoo our first official sponsor.

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