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Dec 23, 2017

Rand's escape is foiled by orders to lock the gates of Fal Dara's keep. We speculate about where these orders originated. While Rand continues trying to find a way out, Suian will have spotted him.  She has the Talent of seeing Ta'veren.  She gives no sign that she knows who he is, though.

Lanfear is tracking Rand. When runs into Mat, Perrin and Loial, and tries to drive them off for their own protection. 

Egwene finds Rand and tries to hide him in the dungeons with Fain. We try and figure out what Fain is staring at through the stone ceiling. 

Aftershow: Coffee, Holiday Tech support. Thank you to Vic Stansell for sending us a foxhead medallion and a bronze heron. 

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