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Feb 1, 2018

Rand, Loial, and Hurin find the Monument Ingtar had been talking about, but in this world, Hawkwing lost, and the trolloc army prevailed. Lanfear appears under the guise of 'Selene' a young Cairhienin woman being attacked by grolm. We believe Lanfear is using compulsion on everyone around her from the beginning of the interaction, influencing the thoughts and actions of Rand in particular. Although even for the Forsaken, Channelers like Rand, Nyneave, and Egwene are notoriously difficult to influence. Lanfear heals Rand's wounds, to build rapport? To create a link between them so she can easily track him later? Out of love? Either way, It's clear that the daughter of the night plans on taking over what was originally Moiraine's plan to catapult Rand into greatness, power, and renown. Rand manages to use another portal stone to transport the party back to their world without losing anyone. We talk about how unlikely that is and how much power and luck it takes. Even Lanfear seems impressed. We praise Discord in the after show, an application we've come to love. 

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