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Mar 5, 2018

Rand and the party arrive at Barthanes' manor. Each person there has a purpose, Mat and Hurin's is to be disguised as servants and search the mansion for the Horn and the trail of the ones who stole it. Their unannounced presence causes quite a stir. We analyze Rand's conversation with Barthanes. Rand thinks he's making small talk, but everything that comes out of his mouth appears to be a deft maneuver in the Great Game to Barthanes. There's so much going on in this conversation, Galldrian's reliance on imported Andoran grain, and his obsession with expensive projects that make him appear more powerful, are perceived by Barthanes as weaknesses. Mat and Hurin find the trail of the Horn and Fain. It leads right up to a Waygate in Barthanes' garden. Rand talks to Thom Merrilin who happens to be there as an entertainer. They have an enlightening conversation which also sets off an important chain of events, specifically Dena's death, which is what leads Thom to eventually lend his support to the Dragon. We talk about the previous contact between the Black Wind, Padan Fain, AND Mordeth. Each interaction between these ancient evils changes and enhances their nature. Verin and Barthanes talk as well, we wish we knew what was said.

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