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Mar 21, 2018

The Super Girls slip out of the tower to meet Liandrin at the Waygate. They pass easily through the halls, fetch their horses, then past the tower's guards, to one of the only #Ogier groves that is currently maintained. Liandrin is surprised that Egwene and Nynaeve brought Elayne and Min with them. That they're a larger group saves all their lives, though they don't know the danger yet. We talk about timing, Rand and the boys are flickering through many universes, and the ladies are in the ways, so typical time and distance mean little, but the events are lined up masterfully by #robertjordan We spend some time speculating on where Liandrin obtained her map of the ways. She navigates well, and they arrive at Toman Head after two days of travel. In the after show, we have LOTS of new #Patrons to thank. We talk about our upcoming. We’ll be reading through the series once before doing any recording, and give you any updates or points of interest. Feel free to DM us with any questions about the new project.

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