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Aug 31, 2021

Seth and Aradia welcome back Collin from RandlandTVPod to watch the trainwreck of Mat & Co heading into the Rahad to finally retrieve the Bowl of the Winds. The gholam introduces itself via brutally killing one of Aradia’s favorite minor characters, and Elayne starts learning how to swear.

Content warning:...

Aug 27, 2021

Mat is reeling from his encounter with Tylin, and has a morning of unpleasant and confusing surprises. The party prepares to retrieve the Bowl of the Winds from across the river. Nalesean is sleepy.

Content warning for extensive Tylin discussion; assault is uppermost in Mat’s mind.

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Aug 24, 2021

Seth and Brett from The Wheel Weaves tackle this chapter without Aradia, because schedule conflicts induced by JordanCon ripples.


Rand faces off against Toram Riatin in a duel, which is going well until Padan Fain invokes an evil fog and slashes Rand across the side, giving him the second of his two wounds as well as...

Aug 20, 2021

We are joined again by Call Me Nakomi! We discuss the nature of ta’veren, and what is evil, very extensively. Rand and Min sneak away from the Maidens and into a big mess, wrapped in a silk tent. Caroline Damodred reminds us that Moraine will be making a return, eventually.

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Aug 17, 2021

Rand goes to see the Sea Folk sitting at anchor in Cairhien at long last, has his PTSD get triggered by the interior of their ship, and gets manic in response. Ta’veren works on everyone aggressively, leading to ever more dramatic results. 

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