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Aug 27, 2020

Seth and Jenn of the White Tower Podcast sit down to talk about a the best fantasy series of the 80's: Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends.  


Wheel of Time content will return Sept 1st!

May 14, 2019

Seth and Patrick sit down with Ariel Burgess, a long time official artist for The Wheel of Time.


Apr 28, 2018

In this very special episode Seth and Patrick go to JordanCon. We interview Jason Denzel about the upcoming WOT show, and the story of, Wilson Grooms, Robert Jordan's brother, about growing with Robert Jordan - Jim - and his war experience, and we have a round table discussion with our chosen who managed...

Jan 20, 2018

0:53 Hello and Welcome

02:06 The Dragonmount Upgrade

15:31 Ebooks vs Paperbacks

18:10 Giving Away ‘The Eye of the World’.

19:25 ‘From the Two Rivers’ and Ravens.

26:25 Robert Jordans Notes and The Carriage House

36:00 Jason and Jordan in Oakland CA

47.47 Harriet McDougal

50:16 10th Dragoncon

57:00 Harriet...