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Oct 22, 2021

Elayne has a very unpleasant ride.

Did you miss Spoilercon 2021? Do you want to revisit your favorite events? Rewatch the events at

CALL TO ACTION! If you would like to see SpoilerCon continue in the future and you have the energy to help with the...

Oct 21, 2021

A wind rises, and we begin to walk the Path of Recap with a protracted exodus from Ebou Dar by Elayne, Aviendha, Nyneave, and company. We get a rare section from Aviendha’s POV, but all she’s seeing is the Sea Folk, Aes Sedai, and Kin not getting along.

Shifting to Elayne, we consider the minutia of Sea Folk...

Oct 15, 2021

We return to our normal studio recording environment to finish up the prologue of this book. We are PODcasters now. 

We get a rare peek inside Verin’s POV as she weaves imperfect compulsion on the Aes Sedai prisoners in the Aiel camp, then shift to an equally intriguing POV from Moridin at a chessboard.

Sure enough,...

Oct 13, 2021

Recorded live at Spoilercon 2021! We tackle the Boarderlander section of the prologue as the final event of the Con on Saturday night. Video of the show can be found at: 

#ImageDescription: a picture of Seth and Aradia doing the live recording of the chapter. They...

Oct 1, 2021

We invite Tar Valon After Dark on to our traditional between-book tangents episode! We talk about the overall story beats of the book, our feelings about the trailer, and a bunch of other topics.


Tar Valon After Dark: 

Recappa Sedai/Wheel Talk: