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Jun 27, 2018

Friend of the pod, Aradia joins us for this chapter to discuss Egwene's testing. As Egwene leaves Verin's rooms, she's quickly intercepted by Sheriam. It's her time to take the Accpeted test, because Elayne just finished hers. Keep in mind the last handful of chapters all happen back to back. The girls have suffered an assassination attempt from Graymen, beatings from Sheriam, worked a long shift scrubbing pots and shoveling coal, still have not slept, and then are required to pass a test that very well may kill them. Elayne and Egwene get no sympathy, however. We see a description of the three ring Ter'angreal, the room it's kept in, and the small amount of information women are given before they enter it and face their fears. We discuss each life Egwene lives in each of the three rings, what they mean to her, and how these experiences ultimately effect her. We talk about the realities inside the rings, where and what they are, how they're created, and how and the reasons some women never make it back to the true world.

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