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Jul 25, 2018

Moiraine hears some news from an innkeeper that implies there's a new false Dragon in Ghealdan. Until she realizes he misspoke, Perrin smells something akin to fear from her. The Pattern will only make room for ONE dragon, there should be no false Dragons after Rand proclaimed himself. Though, the man speaking about Dragons was actually talking about a prophet of the Dragon. Masema. Perrin feels restless, and with out having a plan, he wanders back out to the town square, where a nameless Aiel is hanging in a suspended cage. On impulse he decides to let the man free, and they have a conversation. Perrin tells Gaul where He Who Comes With the Dawn is. Faile is watching, although we don't find out until later. It isn't long before an alarm goes up in the town. The wild Aielman is loose. A dozen Whitecloaks come running to save everyone from this terrible threat. A dozen armed men fight a blacksmith with an ax, and an unarmed, wounded Aielman. In the end, a few of the Whitecloaks are still breathing where they lay on the ground.

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