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Aug 21, 2018

Lan is Curious as to how Perrin sensed the graymen before he or Moiraine could. Perrin reluctantly explains that he smelled them, and as they've been tracking Rand he's scented them many times before. This time however, the Graymen were coming for Perrin rather than Rand. Lan is sure to point that out. When Lan brings Perrin and Loial outside to scout around the area, he finds a darkhound's track in some stone, and Perrin smells them nearby. Moiraine tells us that the graymen and darkhounds must have been sent from separate sources, because they would have interfered with eachother. We're able to deduce that Sammael sent the hounds to track them, but Ishamael sent the graymen to destroy them. Moiraine goes out into the night to confirm their suspicions. When she returns, we learn that Lan has killed one of the darkhounds, and Moiraine is sure that Sammael will know not only that they were responsible, but exactly where they are. She informs her group that it's time to run again, toward Tear, and destiny.

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