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Aug 25, 2018

Moiraine's little group, Faile being the newest addition, are fleeing Illian. She believes that Sammael knows where they are, and they know Rand is on his way to Tear. Moiraine intends to either get there first, or intercept him there. Just outside of Illian, our protagonists realize they're still being tracked by the pack of darkhounds. There are few ways to kill them, Perrin picks up a bow, and Moiraine allows him to try and kill a few. Moiraine uses balefire to finish the remaining shadowbrothers. Mat and Thom are caught between towns, and make a primitive camp near the road they're traveling down, also on their way south. A group of Darkfriends approach them in the night, Mat manages to take care of the attempt on his life, with the exception of their leader, a woman. Thom kills her before she kills Mat, and manages to teach Mat a lesson; that a woman is easily as dangerous as any man. Mat points out that one of the men had tried to kill them before, but escaped the last time. He was not so lucky on his second try.

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