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Sep 19, 2018

Mat approaches the Stone with his bundle full of explosives, a bit of fire, and plenty of luck. As he slinks across the rooftops of Tear, Mat notices Rand climbing the side of the Stone in the distance. Suddenly a group of Aiel take him by surprise. Mat puts up a solid fight during the confusion, but the small group of Aiel subdue him easily enough, just as Juilin Sandar arrives to confront them all. There are a few awkward moments, but no more fighting. The three contingents manage to amicably agree not to interfere with each other, and continue on about their separate tasks. We explain arrow slits, concussive force, and how Mat places his bundle in just the right way to blow shrapnel TOWARD HIMSELF. Luckily... well, you get the picture. Egwene goes to sleep in her prison cell, to attack the woman guarding her cell. Is channeling in your in World of Dreams ACTUAL channeling? We'll talk about it, and come to absolutely no conclusion although, we certainly have opinions. Perrin and Hopper hunt for Faile, who fell into the dream trap set for Moiraine.

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