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Sep 28, 2018

This podcast features a VERY special guest, Timber gnawing on a bone in the background. Our Nae'blis says hello as he mercilessly grinds the bones of our enemies into dust. Be'lal's plan is to drive Rand Althor to desperation during their duel, to toy with him so that the farm-boy will draw Callandor and consequently Be'lal can take the powerful artifact from him. If Rand doesn't pick up the crystal sword, no one can. Luckily, Rand doesn't draw the Sword That is Not a Sword until Moiraine steps out of the shadows and balefires Be'lal into oblivion. We talk about our running theories on the wound in Rand's side; why, when, and how it breaks open IS predictable. We explain and justify our head-canon on this. Although the duel, and battle, appear to be done, Ishamael appears from the shadows. It is clear that his plan was to wait for Rand to take Callandor, defeat Be'lal OR let Be'lal take it from him, and then take Callandor himself. Rand DOES take Callandor this time, and in an exciting chase through Tel'aran'rhiod, Rand ultimately stabs the greatest of the Forsaken through the chest with the crystal sword. We'll explain the mechanics of the fight in the World of Dreams, how the timelines of Egwene's, Perrin's, and Mat's separate battles in this chapter, and the inevitable consequences of it all.

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