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Jan 21, 2019

Perrin keeps his ears sharp as he rides through the Ways. He knows he'll be the first person to hear a wind rise, signifying the imminent death of everyone in the party, including himself. There is no outrunning the Black Wind. The rising tension between Faile and Perrin comes to a crescendo (of spanking) early in this chapter. As the small group arrives at the Manetheren gate, Perrin hears and smells a group of trollocs moving behind them, headed in the same direction as the humans. But, the trollocs are being pursued as well, by Machin Shin. Perrin and company manage to fend off the shadowspawn long enough to get through the gate and back into the real world, just in time to watch their pursuers be consumed in a cacophony of terrifying screams. Loial locks the Waygate behind him, cutting off any possibility of the trollocs and myrrdraal escaping. As the group makes camp in the mountains above Emonds Field, Perrin sees his first signs of Slayer.

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