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Jan 31, 2019

Suddenly in the midst of Aes Sedai, Perrin has some awkward and confusing interactions. Verin and Alanna tell him that they are simply searching for untrained channelers in the region. We don't believe that's the full story, and Perrin doesn't seem to either. The two women heal the small group of warriors, likely to keep tabs on them, because no one is badly hurt. Ordeith is making alliances with the fades and their trollocs in the area, and assassinating Whitecloaks. The stress of the whole situation is slowly turning Bornhald into an alcoholic. In this and the next few episodes, we'll take special care to explain the complex interweaving of the various plot lines which come together in the Two Rivers. Slayer, Fain, Whitecloaks, Shadowspawn, Aes Sedai, Forsaken, and Ta'veren.

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