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Apr 9, 2019

In the bloody aftermath of the first (recent) battle for Emond's field, Perrin has to take a group of Congars and Coplins to task for firing on a group of Tinkers who had been fleeing toward the town in search of safety. It is the first of many tasks presented to Perrin as the emerging leader of Emonds Field and the surrounding communities. Perrin will struggle with accepting his role and responsibilities as a leader through out the series, and we'll discuss it in detail. While Faile councils Perrin on becoming a leader of his people, Aram the Tinker interrupts to ask Perrin if he can take one of the swords from the Winespring Inn's makeshift armory. Perrin tells him that anyone looking to defend themselves and the family from shadowspawn is welcome to take what they need. Aram takes the sword with a wolf head pommel, and becomes a “Lost One” in his family's eyes. Perrin sends Aram to Tam to learn how to use the weapon he chose. When Bornhald brings his Whitecloaks to the edge of Emonds Field to arrest Perrin, the villagers and the mayor flat out refuse, but Perrin is able to find a compromise.

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