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Apr 29, 2019

We're releasing this episode from the hotel lobby of JordanCon as we wait to fly back home. Thank you all so much for attending, nearly filling all three discussion panels we sat for, and making us feel so welcome in our first year attending Jcon as official panelists and media representatives. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU, we can't say how much we love all of our listeners, friends at JordanCon, and how much we felt loved.

In the opening of this chapter, we learn about the Aiel's contempt for riding horses through Aviendha. Aiel strength, self sufficiency, and dedication have always been inspiring to us. Rand is immediately suspicious of the peddlers following his procession, although his initial assumptions about which one(s) are Forsaken are not correct. The Wise Ones are spying on Rand's dreams, possibly already worrying that he is becoming to hard, cold, and secretive. His special, but grueling training has begun. Lan instructs him in the sword each evening, Rhuarc in the spear, and also the Aiel's barehanded martial art. Egwene has settled her Toh with her teachers, and is finally allowed to take the braids out of her hair. Aviendha's training in the power is going well, it appears to be here that this is the first time she can reliably control her ability.

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