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May 28, 2019

With more Shadowspawn than ever descending on the refugees gathered in Emonds Field, few believe they will live until the morning. The Tuatha'an have agreed to carry the children of the Two Rivers folk to safety if the battle goes poorly along with a small contingent of Two Rivers' “Middle Schoolers”, every able bodied non-pacifist is holding a weapon, and even the elderly are waiting in reserve to join the battle, not if, but when things go badly. When the Shadowspawn arrive they chant “ISAM” over and over, because they are lead by Slayer. We'll break it down for you. We know this, because Verin knows this. However, when things do indeed go wrong, folks from Devin Ride, and Watch Hill begin to show up, and they are just as good with their longbows. It seems Perrin's wife has found something to do while she was sent away...

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