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Feb 1, 2020

Wheel of Time Spoilers 262 – TFoH Ch41 – The Craft of Kin Tovere


The High Lord Weiramon has brought three separate groups of soldiers to Rand's army who would love nothing more than to not even look at each other. He insists that he should be allowed to attack immediatley. Rand thinks he's an idiot for believing 2,000 wetlanders should start skirmishing with more than 100,000 Shaido. We think Weiramon is not as dumb as he looks. The Dragon has no idea, but Weiramon is a darkfriend who very likely wants Rand to fail. Rand has hired a lens maker and a team of carpenters to build him a platform outside and high above the city from which the surrounding landscape and the battle itself can be observed. We will find out later, that it's his plan to use the raised platform to extend the view of channelers. The Shaido will be forced to dance with Rand, Egwene, and Aviendha's lightnings and fire, before they face his armies.

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