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Feb 14, 2020

Wheel of Time Spoilers 264 – TFoH Ch43 - This Place, This day


Rand finds himself wondering whether he could have done something different, anything at all, to have steered his path away from this place, this day. The Chiefs have agreed on their plan, Rand's armies are in order, ready to march on the Shaido position outside Cairhien in a moment's notice. Egwene and Aviendha convince him to join them in the grim task he has set them on, slaughtering as many Shaido warriors with the One Power before they entangle themselves with Rand's Aiel.

Mat attempts to escape Rand, the battle, and his destiny by sneaking off as the battle begins. As he crests a particularly tall hill he spies a group of Tairen and Cairhienin soldiers marching straight into a Shaido ambush. He rushes down to warn them, and somehow ends up in command of several thousand soldiers. So, he makes a plan.

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