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Jun 20, 2020

Wheel of Time Spoilers 282 – LoC – The First Message Part 3

Faile holds court in Perrin's place. She's a true leader, and demonstrates an ability to makes wise judgments. Perrin could take a lesson! We witness firsthand the Two Rivers' rapid growth as it absorbs refugees some of whom are skilled laborers or tradesman now driving it's economy to a new level. Soon Emond's Field will be barely recognizable. The Wisdoms are growing fearful over the unnaturally hot weather, and Perrin can feel the Dragon pulling him away from his home again. Rand will need him at Dumai's Wells, and it will take Perrin precious time to get there.

Gawyn and his younglings are accompanying a group Tower Aes Sedai to meet with representatives of the Shaido. He takes note of recent White Cloak movements, but Niall dies before he executes his those plans.  A peddler passing through tells Gawyn that Queen Morgase is rumored to be dead.

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