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Oct 18, 2020

Seth and Travis welcome first-time guest Alex R. London to discuss the boxiness of Cairhien, the boxes Rand is already in, the boxes he will be in, and why he wishes he could be alone in his own head for a minute. While this episode was recorded, the Pacific-Northwesters can also taste wildfire smoke in addition to the quarantine-enforced solitude.

Rand visits his prototype graduate school/research university, where discussing familiar technology through new eyes is almost as fun as imagining how cuendillar could be applied to our engineering problems. Herid Fel makes an impression, a romance in the background is given a head-canon ending for the Fourth Age, and Egwene inspires many tangents.

Alex is an author (The Armean Journals), a Texan, a WoT fan in a family of WoT readers, and a member of the WoTS Discord. You too can join the conversations that make the podcast there! Find Alex’s book on Amazon: The Stranger's Orphan 

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