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Sep 11, 2017

In this two chapter episode, Rand suffers the symptoms ofchanneling sickness. This is why the timeline at this point in the book is totally out of whack - it's all viewed from Rand's perspective.  Don't worry! We'll lay out the sequence of events in order. 

Rand watches Gode burned alive in a dream. The boys hitch rides on wagons, until they run into Paitr, the second Darkfriend on the trip. during a confrontatipon, Rand punches Paitr in the face, and the boys run on to the next town where Rand becomes so sick he passes out. As he recovers in a barn, Mili Skane, an assassin greets them. 

Mat stops Mili from murdering Rand, and nearly kills her process. They lock her in the barn, and run. After seeing a Fade talking with Raimun Holdwin, they approach Almen Bunt who takes them the rest of the way to Camelyn. 

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