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Jan 29, 2018

Perrin truly embraces his Talent for the first time, in much the way Rand has been accepting his own power, out of necessity. Rand, Hurin, and Loial have disappeared, and Ingtar is FURIOUS. Perrin's reluctant, but he knows that he could do Hurin's job with the help of the local wolves. Perrin finds out that the wolves have named him Young Bull, and Rand has earned the name Shadowkiller. The wolves are enthusiastic to help in the hunt for Fain and his Shadowspawn. Ingtar knows about Perrin's Talent, but advises him not to tell anyone else; there are some who might misunderstand, despite wolves being considered good luck in the Borderlands. The wolves quickly lead Perrin to the edge of a village the Trollocs have desecrated, and the party is being followed as well, by Verin. Verin tells the hunters that Moiraine had sent her to them; a verifiable lie. Verin will have felt the massive amount of Saidar Lanfear used to Transport Rand with the Portal Stone.  VERIN KNOWS. 

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