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Mar 28, 2018

Nynaeve and Elayne stay in Falme while they plan how to free Min and Egwene. They sell their clothes, and buy some in the local style. Nynaeve has been practicing opening A’dam with the power, and she’s figured it out. They they run into Min outside the Damane stables, and the three hatch a plan to free Egwene. Free her from becoming a possession, a weapon, and a tool. Egwene is being tortured repeatedly, and even she can tell that she's near her breaking point. We talk about the A’dam, how it works, how one can be trained with it, who can use it, and why anyone will eventually be broken. Egwene is a powerful woman, and the Seanchan see her as an extremely valuable resource because of her strength and Talents in the power. Particularly her Talent for Earth. Finding and manipulating metals. In the after show we talk about how we engage people on social media. We’re two nerds in a basement guys, and we LOVE hearing from you. @mistborn_spoilers podcast coming soon.

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