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May 17, 2018

The Party makes it's way down from it's winter camp in the Mountains of Mist, South and East in search of signs of the Dragon. Eventually, they come upon a small town called Jarra, where strange things have been happening. Weddings and parties that lasted for two days. Perrin can smell the booze on them. The townsfolk are all hungover, and those who joined the party single, woke up from their revelry married. It seems that there aren't any single people left in the whole village. Rand played the flute for all of the weddings, his Ta'veren nature though, is what caused them. Later, a small group of Whitecloaks arrived in town. Some declared the we're no longer Whitecloaks and left to join with, or fight against, the Dragonsworn. Some raved wildly, others assaulted women, those who were left sane managed to wrangle a handful of those that seemed to have lost their mind, and brought them back to Amador. A local man asks Perrin what Moiraine might be able to do for his brother, Noam, who we know much later as the wolf named Boundless. Noam is a Wolfbrother who has lost his sense of humanity, Moiraine of course can find nothing to heal. So, Perrin sets him free.

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