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May 22, 2018

Egwene and Nynaeve have been traveling all winter. Verin has brought the young women, Hurin, and a now comatose Matrim Cauthon all the way to Tar Valon from Falme. Egwene is having prophetic dreams about Rand - we discuss their meaning. Nynaeve feels a 'storm' coming – the building tempest of the Shadow's war on the world. Her sense for reading the weather and the Pattern give us many big foreshadowings through the series, and we're paying attention. Lots of speculation on Verin's dual nature as a co-conspirator with Suian, and Moiraine, and also an unwilling member of the Black Ajah. The women have a confrontation with a group of Whitecloaks that does not go to Verin's liking. The confrontation reveals not only Egwene's new attitudes, but also, the knowledge of battle weaves she's learned from her time as a captive Damane. Verin doesn't seem to hurry to save Mat, she has her reasons for lack of concern.

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